Tru-Form™ Media 3150 – 2.4 GHz Wireless Ergo Trackball Keyboard


  • Wireless Technology
  • Ergonomic Contour Design
  • 拆分键设计
  • Integrated Palm Rest
  • Membrane Switch
  • Built-in Trackball with Optical Sensor
  • Built-In Scroll Wheel
  • Removable Trackball
  • Auto Sleep and Power On/Off Switch
  • Nano Receiver
  • Compact and Portable

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Tru-Form™ Media 3150

Tru-Form™ Media 3150

Tru-Form™ Media 3150


Wireless Technology
Works up to 30 feet of wireless distance.Operates on 12 different channels,each with 65,536 different IDs..

Ergonomic Contour Design
Minimizes forearm muscles from twisting and pains from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Encourages natural position of hands,wrists and forearms for maximum comfort..

Integrated Palm Rest
Keeps your wrists in the most comfortable position..

Membrane Switch
5 Million keystroke lifecycle for a quiet and fast typing experience..

Built-in Trackball with Optical Sensor
Tracks accurately and precisely with less muscle movement for maximum comfort..

Built-In Scroll Wheel
Provides convenience for office applications or web browsing..

Removable Trackball
Allows for easy cleaning..

Auto Sleep and Power On/Off Switch
Maximizes your battery life up to 6 months..

Nano Receiver
Tiny and convenient to plug into to your laptop or tablet..

Compact and Portable
Ultimate space saver and easy-to-carry on the go..

Product Descriptions:

Adesso® Tru-Form Media 3150 – Wireless Ergo Mini Trackball Keyboard offers users a keyboard with an ergonomic design,built-in trackball for easy and comfortable browsing,multifuctional features and a wireless range of up to 30 feet.The WKB-3150UB is designed with the split key zones and sloped shape to make typing feel natural and effortless.The WKB-3150UB puts your hands,wrists,and forearms in their natural positions for maximum comfort and long use periods.The built in trackball not only enhances your web browsing experience by enhancing navigating precision,but also can be removed for occasional maintenance and cleaning.The trackball is just a fingertip away,eliminating the need to reach for your mouse or to move your hands away from their natural positions.The built-in Multimedia Hotkeys bring quick and easy access to your Multimedia tools.The mini-size of the keyboard adds portability and is clutter-free.We can"comfortably"say the Adesso WKB-3150UB will add some comfort to your typing and navigating experience!!


  • Connectivity: 2.4 GHz RF Wireless Technology
  • Interface: USB for usb wireless receiver
  • Channels: 8 Frequencies with 65536 IDs per channel
  • Sleep Mode: Automatic
  • Power: (2) AAA Batteries
  • Indicators: Num Lock,Caps Lock & Low Battery
  • Multimedia Hotkeys: Play/Pause,Stop,Previous Track,Next Track,Volume Up,Volume Down,Mute
  • Trackball Resolution:Optical Type with1000 DPI
  • Trackball Dimensions: 0.98″ (25mm)
  • Keyboard Dimensions: 13.8 x 9.4 x 1.5″ (350 x 239 x 38mm)
  • Weight: 1.75 lbs (800g)
  • 证书:FCC,CE,罗伊斯WERC
  • Operating System:Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Connectivity Interface: USB Port for USB Wireless Receiver


  • Adesso 2.4GHz Wireless Mini Ergo Trackball Keyboard
  • USB Wireless Receiver
  • (2) AAA Batteries
  • Quick Start Guide

Model WKB-3500UB WKB-3150UB WKB-3100UB WKB-4010UB AKB-310UB
Description Tru-Form 3500 - 2.4GHz Wireless Ergonomic Trackball Keyboard
Tru-Form Media 3150 - 2.4 GHz Wireless Ergo Trackball Keyboard
EasyTrack 3100 - Wireless Mini Trackball Keyboard SlimTouch 4010 - Wireless Air Mouse Remote
EasyTrack 310 - Mini Trackball Keyboard
Wireless Connectivity

Range 30ft 30ft 30ft 30ft N/A
Key Layout 105-key US Layout
87-key US Layout
87-key US Layout 15 87-key US Layout
Key Type Membrane
Battery AAA * 2
AAA * 2
AAA * 2
AAA * 1
Ergonomic Design Natural Split Key Natural Split Key Compact 远程的 Compact
Ergonomic Palm Rest
Track Ball DPI 1,000 DPI 1,000 DPI 800 DPI Built-in Air Mouse
800 DPI
Dimension 20。5 x 9.3 x 1.5"(520 x 235 x 38 mm) 13.8 x 9.4 x 1.5"(350 x 239 x 38 mm) 11.75 x 6.00 x 0.75“(297 x 150 x 20 mm) 5.2×1。6 x 0.8“(170 x 49 x 16 mm) 11.75 x 6.00 x 0.75“(297 x 150 x 20 mm)

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2.4 GHz RF Wireless 七千八百三十七亿五千万七千四百二十九 14.9"x 9.6"x 2.2"" 2 lbs 10